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PLAYit Mod Apk 2022 | VIP Unlocked | HD Sax Video

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Download the PLAYit Pro mod apk and get VIP unlocked Features, No Ads and unlimited coins so that you can make your video gallery with an awesome theme and wallpaper and enjoy your movies and web series without any Ads.

Here we have provided all about the play it app review. You can read it and can download then after. In the end, we have shared some bonuses so that you can download the latest movies using Telegram and PLAYit.

App Name
PLAYit- All in One Video Player
Size of app
Current Version of the app
Android Require
4.2 and up
Developed By
Mod Apk Feature
VIP Unlocked
This Month

Get HD Sax Video-PLAYit Mod Apk 2022

With outstanding features, PLAYit is the best online HD sax video player, gaana music player, and video downloader 2022.

Play it now allows for face-to-face transfer and sharing. You can share any videos or music without consuming any mobile data.

PlayIt has also a music converter app. You can convert your video into music means you can extract all the voices from your video easily.

Although, the PLAYit is completely free for watching the videos of your downloaded movies. But there is a problem with Free Version. There are lots of Ads.

The App has a PLAYit VIP Subscription which costs money to access some good features such as NO Ads, Unlimited Music Convert.

But when you download the PLAYit Pro Apk 2022, you get all the features completely for free. You do not have to pay any money. Completely For Free.

Features Of PLAYit VIP Unlocked

playit mod apk features

Here are the salient features of Playit so that you can know why should I download the video player if I have a default video player on my phone.

Local Media Files Management

The video player mod apk manages all video files on your Android Device Storage (Internal Storage) and SD card.

And it allows you to effortlessly filter and exchange media files and displays the internal storage space.

You may also quickly handle media according to your preferences.

All File Formats Are Accepted

You can play all kinds of formats of videos such as an HD sax video player that supports all video formats, including 4k, 1080p, MKV, FLV, 3GP, M4V, TS, and MPG.

MP3 and M4A files are supported by this high-quality music player.

Just Search. Download

Video downloader that bets. If you search for any videos and click the “download” option, the movies or pictures will be saved immediately to your computer.

You can say the app is a Facebook video downloader, a Twitter video downloader, an Instagram video downloader, or a video downloader for WhatsApp status.

Floating Video Player

This feature allows you to play the HD Sax video without closing it. You can easily serf it in the background while enjoying the chat, using the internet.

This feature is called the Background Play feature of PLAYit. You can resize the window in the background. So that your enjoyment with a good resolution is also maintained.

Hide You Videos

The Apk has also a vault file hiding feature. You can hide your HD Sax Videos on it easily. Even no one understands where you have hidden the video.

If you have downloaded your secret video and have stored it on your device but you hide it using the PLAYit Hide Videos feature all the videos will also hide from the Gallery, File Manager and all the folders.

Video To Audio Convertor

This feature allows you to convert your video into mp3. You can use this feature once because it is a VIP future of PLAYit. You have to either pay money or collect the coins by playing games and watching ads.

But if you download the PLAYit VIP Unlocked Pro Apk version you can access it all for free. You can convert unlimited music. And also you do not need to watch ads.

Online Subtite

If you are watching Hollywood movies, Tamil Movie or Korean Movie you must have a regional subtitle. Using these features you can easily download subtitles in different languages.

You can easily download it by clicking on the subtitle icon, it will less time to download the subtitles in English/Hindi/Tamil subtitles.

Smart Gesture

You are not using YouTube. But in PLAYit you can control the volume key, fast forward key and pause and play with your finger swipe.

You can control the voice by swiping up and down on the right-screen of your mobile with your finger. When you swipe up it will increase the volume and while swiping in down it will lower the volume.

The same actions on the left of the screen you can control the brightness of the movie playing on PLAYit. When you swipe up the finger it will increase the brightness while down it will decrease the brightness.

And stretching the diagonal with your finger you can control the resolution of your screen. You can set it from 10% to 400% resolution.

Sound Decoder

The play it provide you with two Sound Decoder- HW Decoder and SW Decoder. They stand for Hardware Decoding and Software Decoding respectively.

Further Features

  • Audio Track: You can select the language of your video if it contains multiple languages. For example, you have downloaded Hollywood movies of BlueRay you can select Hindi and English.
  • Equalizer: You can control sound. You can make sound in different form.
  • Cut: You can also cut the short of videos clip easily.
  • Night Mode: Using it you can make the PLAYit in night mode. It saves the eyes and battery while you are watching movies.
  • Timer: You can also set timer for app close. It will automaticaly close the app.
  • Mirror Mode: It wil mirror the app.

Get PLAYit Pro VIP Unlock Premium Content

When you download the free version of it you get only access to a video player with disturbing ads. You do not want to use the alternative of it. So that you must have to take the premium or VIP of it.

For accessing the VIP you have to pay Rs 365 for a year and Rs 99 per month. But we are providing you with all free with the hack version or mod apk of PLAYit.

Here is the benefit that you are getting with PLAYit VIP

  • Beautiful Skin: You get access to various skin. So that your mobile application experience can enhance. You are free to edit all the text according to your creativity. You can also set your wallpaper.
  • Unlimited MP3 convertor: The VIP version allows you to convert the video into mp3 as much as you can convert. Without limit.
  • No Ads: After downloading the PLAYit Pro Apk you are free from all disturbing Ads.

Bonus Of The Post

The bonus for the downloader is that there is a very famous bot on Telegram. It will bring all possible movies that you want is available on it.

This telegram bot for PLAYit Movie Download is AK Imax 2.0. You just have to search this channel on Telegram you have to search this channel name and have to join it.

On this one of the famous bots for movie downloaders for PLAYit is very famous. Here on chat, you have to type the name of the movie for example “Pushpa”. Then the bot will bring it for you and you just have to download it on your PLAYit App.

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