30 Best Mod Apk Websites to Download Unlocked Apps in 2022

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There are about 1M searches about Mod Apk in India on Google and the results from Google are about 1B plus across different mod apk websites, news, blogs, pdf and videos for Mod Apk in a fraction of a second or less than a second.

You can see how many opportunities are there for a Mod Apk Website on the Internet. A mod apk website earns from the Adsense Ads generation.

Here in this post, I will reveal how downloadmodapkhub is how the same website makes money and why there are thousands and lakhs of Mod Apk Websites in 2022.

Before jumping on Mod Apk Website List you have to understand more about terminology…

Definition of Mod Apk (A Cracked App)

how mod apk is made

Without any permission, if an application of a developer is modified then it is called Mod Apk. You can see Mod + Apk where Mod defines the Modification while Apk defined the extension of an Android Application.

The mod apk cannot be direct install from the internet. You can download the only apk file. And then you have to install enabling the Unknown Sources settings.

Mod Apk means moded application without any permission. The mod application is made by many unknown developers in the world. The most famous mod apk applications are Kinemaster Mod Apk and GB WhatsApp.

The objective behind the modification of an original application is to provide full access to everything that is not in direct use to the user by the developer.

For example, Kinemaster-Video Editor is completely free to use but the free version does not allow you to remove the Watermark, Ads and access to extra features. However, mod apk of Kinemaster such as Green Kinemaster, Kinemaster Diamond and Kinemaster premium etc provide full access on all for free.

The most important and famous feature of a Mod Apk is that they provide the Premium completely for free without any hidden process or low-cost subscription.

Different Types Of Mod Apks You Should Take into Use on Your Android

There are many different categories of Applications. But the Mod Apk has two types. A With Server mod apk and another Without Server mod apk. Here is the difference between server and serverless Mod Apk.

Without Server Mod ApkWith Server Mod Apk
These mods do not use Servers.These mods use servers.
Though these mods do not use servers, you do not have to log in.These may ask to Log in with an email account or mobile number.
You do not have to worry about your data theft.You have a concern about data theft.
These mod applications are made to provide full access on premium.Mostly these mod applications are made for “Social engineers“.
These applications are completely safe and will never crash while working.These mod applications are partially working and will crash very soon as the original application server connects. And it is Not Safe.
Example: Kinemaster Mod Apk, Any offline game, Photo editor such as PicsArt and Pixelab etc.Example: ThopTV Mod Apk, YouTube Mod, Netflix Mod and Spotify mod apk etc.

Now you may think that if this apk is not safe even Google allows the Mod Apk Website to provide the mod apk. Read the below information to know…

Best Mod Apk Download Website 2022 To Get Unlocked Premium Apks

Here we have provided some Mod Apk website that is genuine to download the application mod apk. Read some useful information about this mod apk website.

Mod Apk WebsiteYear Of LaunchMonthly User Downloads Apk
happymodapk.com20171.5 Lakh
kinemastermod. download2021
an1.com19982.9 Lakh
techbigs.com20194.3 Lakh
apkmody.io201812.3 Lakh
apkdone.com20194.9 Lakh
rexdl.com20122 Lakh
apkmodget.com20211.34 Lakh
modyolo.com202111.2 Lakh
modsofapk.com20192 Thousand
relaxmodapk.com20211.10 Lakh
apkmodule.com201882 Thousand
modlovers.com20201 Thousand
kingmodapk.com20192.7 Lakh
apkloo.com20191.61 lakh
divyanet.com20201.06 Lakh
ytricks.net20181 Lakh
popularapk.com20201 Thousand
moddroid.co20204.06 Lakh
mobapks.com201945 Thousand
piratedhub.com20181 Thousand
andropalace.org201670 Thousand
apksum.com201645 Thousand

1. DownloadModApkHub.com

Mod Apk Hub 2022 is the latest mod apk website. This is our website. The ModApkHub website provides the working, checked mod apk. This website does not collect a bunch of useless mod applications.

ModApkHub website firstly downloads the mod apk from various websites. We then install it and use it in various versions of android phones. Sometimes we provide mod apk on the review of various tech YouTubers.

The Mod Apk that you will see on our website is always working and we provide it only after reviewing many websites. And we give all possible information about the apk so that you can download it easily without more confusion.

2. HappyMod.com

Whenever you will ask any person about the Mod Apk website they will always suggest you visit the most famous website happymodapk or happymod.io. The website is providing the application since 2019.

The happymod has received a lot of positive feedback from users as a place where mod fans can download, share, request, and test android mod apks.

Users upload and upgrade their modules daily. HappyMod allows you to search for and download the original apk in less than a minute. All of the mod apks are completely safe and unrestricted.

Website Own By HappyMod

3. KinemasterMod.Download

Are you the person who always searches for Kinemaster Premium Unlocked Free? Then you must visit this website @ kinemastermod. download.

This is a very underrated website for Kinemaster Mod Apk. This website has provided long and complete description information on every Kinemaster Premium Apk.

This website provides all the information and tutorial blogs so that you do not have to worry about bug fixes.

This mod apk website is completely dedicated to Kinemaster Apk.

Kinemaster Mod Apk
Green Kinemasster
Kinemaster Diamond
Kinemaster Red Dragon
Kinemaster Prime
Blue Kinemaster
Kinemaster Black
Kinemaster For PC
Kinemaster Pro
Kinemaster Indonesia
Download all this Kinemaster Apk

Why Mod Apk Download Websites are Not Banned on Internet?

Mod Apk Download Website does not try to provide the Harmful Application to the user. They just grab the mod apk file from largely distributed mod apk markets websites such as ApkPure, Happy Mod and Many more and then put them into their website.

And also Google cannot interfere in banning the application, mod application website and any other things. Google is just a medium where a user can search for what he wants.

Google will read what you have written and then it will crawl the most visited and highly SEO page on your screen.

Now it is your decision what you have to do with that website. You have to know what is the best to utilize. You have to determine which website provides you with the best working application.

In my opinion, if you are seeing in DMCA official certificate on Mod Apk Website then it may be safe. DMCA confirms that the website provider provides the right and non-copyright content.

Should You Download Mod Apk In 2022

Downloading Mod Apk can harm your device. This is not completely true until you understand the Mod Apk. Android Phone better performs the Android Application that is downloaded only from PlayStore.

When you download any mod apk file conflicts with the PlayStore or Android App System. And also Android recommend you download the Application only from PlayStore so that your phone can perform it smoothly.

The PlayStore always provide an application that is capable with your phone. But the mod apk website never provides such a facility and therefore you are unable to short out the right and capable application for your device.

As we have seen whenever you download a mod apk file and install it on your device, it will work smoothly without crashing but after a long time (week or month) your phone will start hanging.

The latest Android Device can access and run the maximum 4 mod apk application. We also recommend you never utilize mod apk up to 4 and 5 on your device it will always harm your phone for a long time.

Finally, you can download and can also use it on your device. You have to just be aware whenever you notice that your phone is not working properly and it is crashing, again and again, uninstall all mod apk as soon as it is possible.

FAQ on Mod Apk Website

Which type of Mod Apk is safe?

Never download the mod apk which runs on the internet or you can say that the app has a server. For example ThopTV, Netflix mod apk, Hotstar mod apk etc.

Is Downloading Mod Apk safe?

Yes, you can download the serverless or offline mod apk. This mod apk is safe to use. You do not have to use any mobile data or internet connection. Therefore no data will be theft with this mod app.

Which website is best for Mod Apk?

You can visit DownloadModApkHub. It provides the checked and working mod apk with a full informative review and content.

How does Mod Apk Website earn money?

The mod apk website earns money through Ads. They also run ads on Mod App that you will download from it.


In conclusion, please do not download and install any server mod apk, and do not run more mod applications up to 4. It will soon harm your device.

Tell me about your opinion on Mod Apk. Share the information with your friends.

What is your experience with the various mod application?

And also share which mod apk are you using now for getting free advancement.


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