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Magic Call Mod Apk Unlimited Calls & Credits 2022

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Here is a very amazing application using that you can call your friends by changing your voice- Magic Call Mod Apk. For making your call with mod apk you must recharge paying money. But here we will provide you with the way how you can get Unlimited Credits.

App Name Magic Call Mod Apk
Current Versionv1.6.0
Requires AndroidAndroid 5+
Developed ByBNG Mobile
Mod Apk FeaturesUnlimited Calls
UpdatedThis Month

Magic Call 2022: Voice Changer App

You must have pranked your friends many times on calls. But you are soon caught because you cannot maintain your girl/boy voice for a long time.

And here Magic Call Mod Apk 2022 places a game-changer role, you can easily change your voice using the App as long as you want without being caught.

Magic Call allows you to change your voice during calls – in real-time. The app works on machine learning and natural language processing. Your friend will never understand is this talking with really a machine.

When you select a voice for example voice of a girl, the app starts mimicking your voice in real-time in the girl’s voice so that your friend is unable to understand.

The original application works good but it asks for Recharge [ Money to make call ] either you have to watch so many Ads. But how will they make money and maintain the App if they don’t do so?

But for our free premium app user, we have brought the Mod Apk.

What Is Magic Call Mod Apk

MagicCall Voice Changer App - get unlimited calls

The Magic Call Mod Apk is the modified version of the original app with advanced features. It is an amazing voice changer and prank call app that allows you to change your voice while on the phone. You may easily alter your voice and make it seem strange.

It’s a fun application for pranks that everyone can use without difficulty. It has a simple user interface with essential functions that anyone can use from child to old.

Background blusters can be created using a variety of effects offered in the application such as bus stations, schools, markets etc. All of the effects are completely free to use.

You can also change your voice to a female, grandpa, child or robotic tone. Most voice changer applications are paid for, however, this Mod Apk is free and has a lot of functions.

You can also adjust the voice depending on your gender or age. During calls, you can easily turn your voice into a grown man’s voice or choose a toddler voice effect.

Prank your friends and family for hours of fun. Use all of the effects available, including rain, road noise, party noise, and even more background sound effects.

To utilise the voice changers, get credit in the app and call your friends. Emojis are available in the app to add to the excitement. Talk to your male/female friends while changing your voice to that of a dreamy chick.

Features Of Magic Calls Premium Mod Apk

The name MagicCall itself defines the features of the App. But here will provide you with some basic information regarding the app.

magic call change voice

You( girl’s voice): Hello! How do you do?

Friend: Hey! I don’t know who are you?

Your friend pranked ?

Voice Change – Real-Time

The app allows you to change your voice in real-time while you are calling/talking with your friends.

The app changes the voice so precise that you will never be caught. You can choose different voices.

These are the following voices that you can change on-call

  • Girl Voice
  • Robot Voice
  • Child Voice
  • Robot Tone
  • Grandpa Voice
  • Boy Voice
  • Woman Voice
  • Man Voice
  • Recorded Voice etc…
magic call background change

You: Hello! How do you do? I am at the concert.

Friend: I am unable to hear you.

It seems you are at a concert. Your friend pranked ?

Background Change in Real-Time

In Magic Call mod apk you can also add different background effects in real-time. This is an advanced feature.

You can set a background voice so that your friend will think that you are not in peace place and you are in another place where there is a crowd, loud voices etc. And he/she will be pranked.

These are the following background effects that you can change on-call

  • Concert hall
  • Rain
  • Birthday
  • Traffic
  • Race-car
  • Mount Everest
  • Bus Station
  • Train etc…
magic call game hub

Game Hub:

Play games inside the app and earn magic call mod apk unlimited credits free.

Make recharge and make a prank call.

Game Hub

Though everyone cannot go with daily Initial, Beginner, and Pro Recharge in Magic Call Mod Apk 2022 it offers you the Game Hub.

In the Game Hub, you can play games, and when you will play that game you can earn coins, recharge and credits.

Play your favourite games and earn recharge:

  • All Genre Games
  • Sports
  • Arcade
  • Puzzle
  • Adventure
  • Board
  • Shooter
  • Racing

How to get Free Unlimited Credits In Magic Call 2022

The MagicCall- Voice Changer App provides you with the features to make calls in different real-time voices and backgrounds. But the MagicCall asks for a recharge as credits to make the call.

There are different prices for Unlimited Calls and Credits:

VIP Pass

  • 7800 credits.
  • For A Month
  • Auto debit.
  • Rs 1999.
  • No Ads

1 Month

  • 1000 credits.
  • Manual Payment
  • Rs 499.
  • No Ads


  • 400 credits
  • For a week.
  • Rs 299.
  • No Ads


  • 300 Credits.
  • For a week.
  • Rs 199
  • No Ads

Weekly Pass

  • 200 credits.
  • For 1 week.
  • Rs 100.
  • No Ads

But We Need The Credits For Free- How??

#1: Watch Ads

This is an easy way to get unlimited free Magic Call credits. There are some Ads on this app that you will watch and then you will get about 2-5 credits for every watched Ad.

The Ads are not so long it is about 30 seconds, so they neither take more time nor bored you much. You can watch and can get completely free Credits.

#2: Download MagicCall Mod Apk

If you do not want to watch lots of Ad videos for getting the credits, you can go with a simple and super easy Mod Apk. Get Magic Call Mod Apk Unlimited Credits Download Free Full Version. This provides you hack mod to get unlimited free credits.

How To Download and Install MagicCall Mod Apk

Downloading the Mod Apk and Installing it on your android phone is easy. Here is a step by step process of how you can download it on your phone…

Downloading process…

  • Firstly, you have to click on Download Now button.
  • The Mod Apk file has a G-Drive link so that you can download it without any threats.
  • Google Drive provides you with the safest place to download.
  • When you will click on it you will jump to the G-Drive Download page.
  • Here you have to click on the Download button.
  • Now you will jump again to another download page with a warning for Apk.
  • You have to click on the Download Anyway button.
  • Yeh! You have downloaded it.

Installing Process

  • Once you have successfully downloaded your Mod Apk you have to Install it.
  • Before installing make sure you have enabled Unknows Source.
  • Easy. Go to Settings>Privacy>Unknown Source on your Android.
  • Now you can install the Apk easily.
  • Just find the apk file on your File Manager.
  • Click on the Install button.
  • Your Installation will start soon.
  • Enjoy your unlimited calls.

Frequently Asked Question

Is the Magic Call Mod apk safe to download?

Yes, you can download it. It is free and you do not need to worry about malware.

How can I get unlimited calls in Magic Call?

You can download the mod or you can go with watching 30s Ad Videos.

What are the alternatives to Magic Call?

The alternative MagicCall are;
-Call Voice Changer
-Call Voice Changer: Voice Changer with Effects

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