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Kinemaster Pro Apk Apkpure 2022: Premium Unlocked

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Download the best version of Kinemaster Pro Apk Apkpure 2022. Get premium unlocked features. Remove Watermarks and Ads. Download unlimited video presets, stickers and soundtracks. Read the review and then click on Download Button, it will give the right decision for it.

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Kinemaster Corp
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Kinemaster Pro Apk 2022

YouTube Channels number 37 million. You should be careful that if your video doesn’t hook users in the first 10 seconds, 30% of users will skip it. As a result, you’ll require a good video or video editor.

And therefore you should choose one of the best and easy to use Kinemaster Pro Mod Premium. You can download it because it is free to use.

Kinemaster-Video Editor is a very famous mod apk. The app is the most downloaded in the world by Beginner YouTubers. And also some small marketers, Instagram Creator and Influencers.

Kinemaster pro apk full comes with all types of Premium Features absolutely for free. It has features such as multi-layers video editing, text and stickers, colour filters, frames, transitions, and audio.

Kinemaster Pro No Watermark Chroma key has a popular component that is Chroma Key (green screen) and Key-Frame Animation Advanced Tool.

Besides, Kinemaster Pro 1080p 60fps has audio envelope tools, media- players, direct share to your social accounts, download and installs video presets export video and 4K video editing.

Here, we are going to take a view of the immense amount of information about Kinemaster Pro Apk Apkpure 2022.

Kinemaster Pro Apk Apkpure 2022

The majority of customers come from social media and YouTube videos. To raise brand awareness, video marketing is essential. Video Editor is something that many video marketers are continuously looking for.

So if you want to be a Video Marketers then you can start with a Mobile Video Editor. Initially, you will get a limit of using the premium features of Kinemaster. Thus we have brought you a complimentary and professional version of it.

Kinemaster is a video editor both for Android and iOS. You can install it from the PlayStore and AppStore and can use for free. This version is called Freemium. You have to take the Premium Kinemaster for advanced and more efficient tools of it.

Freemium has Free and Premium. Free norms you can install and use the Kinemaster-video editor for free without any paying money while Premium means some useful and advanced features that cost to operate. And this price can cost up to INR 2300.

But when using the Kinemaster Free version you will get distraction by Ads and Watermark. And when you take the Premium Kinemaster, you will get complete access to Advanced Tool. But the Premium Kinemaster is not free.

Kinemaster Pro Mod Premium is a completely free version of Kinemaster for only Android Device. It has features such as Unlocked Kinemaster Awesome Assets Store for downloading different visual effects, stock music, soundtracks, different stickers, 3D texts etc.

Further, It has color blending modes, a Green Screen Chroma key, Up to 9 multilayer videos, an animation tool, live preview, and one-click share on Social Media etc.

These followings Featuers that you can see in Kinemaster.

  • Colour and Audios Adjustments
  • Differnet Kinds Of Audio Filters
  • Animations and Animation Stickers
  • Thousand Of Effects
  • Frame by Frame Trimming
  • Upto 9 Multilayers Of Different Resolution
  • Variuos UnoqueOverlays
  • Real-Time Recording And Preview
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Different Themes etc.

What’s New Kinemaster Pro Premium 2022

  • Advanced Keyframe Animation
  • Multiple Soundtracks
  • Different Clips resizing, trimming, rotating, and cutting tools
  • Video transition with live preview
  • Various 3D text and animated effects
  • zooming and snapping
  • Time-mapping,
  • slow/fast, and backward/forward
  • Audio mixing
  • Digital video effects
  • Brightness, gamma, hue, grayscale, etc.

Pro Mod Apk Features

  • No watermarks
  • No Ads, No pop-ups
  • All Premium features
  • Edit 4K videos up to 60fps
  • Unlocked All New Features
  • Export 1080p, 720p, 460p

And you do not need to buy any subscription for all features in Kinemaster Pro Mod Apk that you download from this website through the given links.

Kinemaster Pro Tutorial

Commonly, the interface of an application is a group of numerous parts, tabs, and tools of application. Let us take a view of every interface of Kinemaster Pro Mod Premium.

kinemaster pro tutorial

1.Landing Screen

When you first kinemaster pro download for mobile and then start after successful installation, you will land on the Landing Screen. In this, you can see the various tabs and options on the landing Screen.

  • Create New: This tab to create a new project. After clicking on it you have to select a video or a photo.
  • Get Project: In this you can download various Projects. There are several presetts .kine file. Within these you can replace all videos and photos with your own.
  • FAQ: Frequently Asked Question-in this tab you will get various questions that can resolve your some basic problem.
  • Settings: The setting makes you do some changes with Kinemaster UI.

Create New

This consists of various options such as project name, Aspect Ratio, Photo Display Mode, Photo Duration, and Transition Duration.

  • Aspect Ratio sets the video size, you can resize your video in following ration for various platforms.
    • YouTube Video (16:9)
    • YouTube Shorts,Instagram Stories (9:16)
    • Instagram Post (1:1)
    • Marketing Ads (2.35:10)
  • Photo Display Mode
  • Photo Duration
  • Transition Duration
  • Media Browser
    • Image Assets
    • Video Assets
    • Favourite
    • Cloud Storage


The setting option allows you to make changes according to your purpose in various places. Here following options are valid to make changes.

Information Option

It has the following options.

  • My information
  • About Kinemaster
  • Device Capability
  • Reset Kinemaster


  • Media Browser Full-Screen Mode
  • Audio Browser Full-Screen Mode


It will sort the videos projects by list in three modes.

  1. Date Modified
  2. Date Created
  3. Name

Advanced and Experimental Settings

It consists of various advanced settings that will make some different effects on given options.

  • Show audio amplitude meter while recording
  • Enable saving with up to 60fps
  • Enable adding video clips up to 240 fps
  • Unlimited Video Layer Mode
Note: Kinemsater recommends you make the above setting Default is good.

Media Wheel

The media wheel consists of the following options that have also their functions in editing.

  • Media Browser
  • Layer Selector
  • Audio Browser
  • VoiceOver Recorder
  • Media Recorder

Kinemaster Suported Formats

Import Video FormatsImport Audio FormatsImport Image FormatsExport Video Format
.MP4 (H.264 Baseline + AAC LC)

Layers In Kinemaster

  • Effect Layer
  • Overlay Layers
  • Text Layers
  • Handwriting Layers

Further Information

kinemaster pro apkpure multilayer

In this further information about kinemaster Pro Apk’s device capabilities, chipsets, project settings, option panel settings and chroma key function.

Device Capabilities

If you have Installed the Kinemastkinemaster pro mod premium then you must know the Device Capabilities of your phone about Kinemaster.

This will aware you of the highest resolution of the video that you can Import, Edit and Export from your phone. And it will also recommend to you how many layers of videos and what resolution of videos you can edit with your phone using Kinemaster.

  • 4K Editing
  • UHD(1440p) Editing
  • FHD(1080p) Editing
  • HD(720p) Editing

You Can Check Your Mobile Device Performance And Compatibility For Kinemaster Pro Apk 2022 by following steps.

  • Go on Kinemaster Setting Screen
  • Open Device Capability Information
  • After waiting till 100% loading, you will get the result.

For instance, the result for realme phone is as shown ;

Android10(KM, FA)
Peak Codec Performance12.0 MPixel(s)
Edit and Share1080p(FHD)
Amount of Videos Layers4 x 1080p
8 x 720p
8 layers of 540p videos

Project Setting

When you do not select any item on the Timeline (Primary or Secondary) usually the secondary timeline items, you can see Project Setting for the video, audio and Editing tools.

It is consists of Audio Setting, Video Setting, and Editing Setting.

  • Audio Setting: Audio Master, Fade in and Fade out
  • Video Setting: Video fade-in and Video fade-out
  • Editing

Option Panel

When you select any items on the Primary or Secondary Timeline, you will see the various options or editing tools for the selected item. The can be a video, audio, music, photos, stickers, texts, etc.

Selecting Music or Audio Item

When you select any audio item from Audio on Media Wheel the following option will appear on the right side of the Options Panel.

  • Mixer: Mix an audio by amplitude and pitch.
  • EQ: Normal, AM Radio, Bass Booster, Bass Reducer, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Natura, etc.
  • Audio Envelop: Describes how your sound changes over time of periods.
  • Reverb: Reverb the sound in such way, Bathroom, Cathedral, Cave, Arena, Church, Concert Hall, Echo Room, Hall Delay, Spring Reverb and Studio.
  • Voice Changer. It will change your audio voice in different funny voices such as Normal, Two-Faced, Alien, Chipmunk, Chorus,
    Confusion, Growl, Monster and more.

Additionally, there are ducking, looping and trimming, and splitting options.

Selecting video, image, overlays, and text Item

  • Trim/Split
  • Slide
  • Split-screen
  • In Animation
  • Overall animation
  • Out Animation
  • Cropping
  • Speed
  • Reverse
  • Alpha
  • Colour Filter
  • Rotating and Mirroring
  • Adjustment
  • Blending
  • Extract Music
  • Text Option

And further, when you select a text on the timeline you will get options like fonts, colour, bolds, glow, and background colour.

Kinemaster Pro No Watermark Chroma Key 2022

One of the best and most useful features of a Video Editor the Kinemaster Green Screen. It enables you to change the background of the screen after recording the video with Green Screen.

The Chroma Key features have various Tools that enable you to get the best background. After using the chroma key you can make an awesome video for your YouTube and Instagram. Here are some terms that are used in Kinemaster Chroma Key.

  • Foreground Cutoff: This decides which portions of your video should be preserved. Above the threshold, it is the region of the foreground.
  • Background Cutoff: Based on the key colour, this decides which parts of your footage should be erased. It’s the portion below the threshold that should be in the background.
  • Key Color: The term “key colour” refers to the colour of your footage that will be erased. Always use Kinemaster Recommended Key Color or use it as your default.
  • Detail Curve: To create effective masks, the Detail Curve maintains the key colour and background colour apart and adjusts the blending levels between foreground and background cutoffs.
  • Show Masks: The subject is distinguished from the green screen by the use of a mask. This allows you to get into further depth about the deleting screen and subject.

Download Kinemaster Pro ROG

Download Kinemaster Pro Rog using the same link that we have provided above on very first in the Introduction of the post. The File is G-Drive there you do not need to worry about Generate Links and Jumping on another page.

App NameKinemaster Rog
Android RequiredVersion 4.1+
Ratings4.5 on PlayStore
DeveloperKineMaster Corporation
SourceApkpureKineMaster – Video Editor – Apps on Google Play

How To Install the Kinemaster Pro

Before installing the Kinemaster Pro Apk File you must enable the Unknown Sources in Android Phone.

Unknown Sources‘ is an Android Accessibility Setting that allows your handset (mobile) for trusting and forcibly installing applications from outside the Google Play store. If you don't enable it your device will not allow the application to be installed.

Follow the below steps for enabling Unknown Source In Android Phone.

  • Firstly, open Settings on your phone.
  • Search the Unknow Sources on it.
  • Now click on and then you have to enable the Toggle.

When this works is done, you have to install the Apk file. You can easily do it.

App Permission

Kinemaster Pro Apk 4.13 and then also other latest apps version asks for the following Person to Perform some certain action in the phone.

  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Storage
  • receive data from the Internet
  • prevent the device from sleeping
  • view network connections
  • Google Play license check
  • Control Vibration
  • Full Network Access
  • Use Accounts On The Device


In the conclusion, I want to say that you can download any Kind of Kinemaster Mod Apk in 2022. Because all the version of Kinemaster Mod Pro is the same in function.

People also are searching for the related terms for Kinemaster such as kinemaster pro xt, kinemaster pro IPA download and kinemaster pro-Harga etc.

These all are the same but the keywords or the Phrases the people are using for it are different. Do you think that all are different in function then do comment below?

And also suggest to us how can we improve the website and the knowledge for it. Do comment, please.

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