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football strike mod apk unlimited money

Football Strike Mod Apk 2022 Unlimited Money and Cash [Antiban]

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Get your favourite sports game the Football Strike Mod Apk 2022 with unlimited money and cash. The game has 24,60,106 total downloads with 4.6 ratings.

This football game is online with multiplayer real-time playing striker and keeper etc. The game has features: real-time multiplayer, playing as a keeper and striker, different game modes, collection and customize conquer career mode and endless competitive football fun.

App Name Football Strike 2022
SizeVaries with device
Installs100 Million
Current Versionv1.6.0
Requires AndroidVaries with device
Developed ByMiniclip.com
Mod Apk FeaturesUnlimited Money and Cash
Updated2 May 2022

Overview- Football Strike Mod Apk 2022

Miniclip is one of the best game making companies. They have made 8 Ball Pools, Basket Ball Stars, Mini Basketball and Football Striker. These all different 30 games have epic positions. They all are very famous in the Apple Stores and Play Stores.

Football has 11 players in each team with a goalkeeper and strikers but in this game Football Strike Mod Apk 2022, there are only two players one is a goalkeeper and another striker.

The game is goalkeeper vs striker. Two players will come together and will play the game turn by turn as Goalkeeper and Striker.

Why people are playing this one-vs-one game because it is online. The game is easy you will get some amount of money and coins for playing the games with guests and friends online with your Facebook.

When you will log in with your Facebook the game will automatically sync all your friends’ list profiles and then will connect you with those friends and friends of friends who have been playing the football strike-online soccer. As you have played in Subway Surfer.

The game has an online scoreboard that will show you which friend has the leaderboard topmost. Here are some details about what kind of features and access you will enjoy with this online football sport game.

Features Of Football Strike-Online Soccer

football strike screen shots

The game is a completely online one versus player game. The whole game is not the same as real Football 11 players. If they will make it possible then it will be hard to get the team member and also will hard to get the player as PubG or Free Fire.

Here are the features that you are getting with Football Strike Mod Apk 2022.

Connect With Friends

football strike connect with friends

The feature allows you to connect with your Facebook friends to play and compete with them. When you will download, install and launch the game you will see the Friends tab on the bottom. When you click on it you will be told to Login with Facebook.

If you have not installed Facebook you cannot log in, connect with your friends, and compete to appear on the leaderboard. Make sure you have Installed Facebook.

Customize-Stats, VIP Balls, Kits and Emotes

Customize fascinates the player to stay more with games. You can customize yourself (player). When you will choose any character, you can customize it. Customization asks to use Game Cash.

Football Strike Stats

The stats are the statistics of your overall activity. You are getting the following stats:

  • Total
  • Power
  • Accuracy
  • Curve
  • Goalkeeping

Total provides the data about overall stats and Ball.

Shot Power stats are the number that defines the faster shots against the goalkeeper. As you increase the shot power collecting card you can kick as faster the ball.

Shot Accuracy stats are the number that defines accurate shots against the goalkeeper at target. You can improve it with practice and also by collecting more cards.

Curve stats define how many times you have a goal the ball in curved shots. It can also be improved by playing and practising.

Goalkeeping stats are the number that declares how many times you have stopped the striker to make him goal.

Football Strikes VIP Balls

There are different kinds of Balls. Each ball has different power, accuracy and curve. Here is a list of VIP Balls.

  • Wasp, Ember, Titan
  • Prestige, Storm, Spider
  • Blossom, Inkling, Liberty
  • Lions, Glory, Samba
  • Azzura, Mannschaft, Euro
  • Bleus, Maple Leaf, Viper
  • Wave, Ghost, Wind
  • Nitro, Iron Sky, Predator
  • Royal, Classic, Deep Blue
  • Superstar, Savana, Tycoon
  • Cloud, Basic, 2018 Champion
  • Unity, Spotlight, Victory
  • Flow, Lotus, Portal

Football Strike VIP Kits

The Football VIP Kits contain different styles and patterns of jerseys and shorts, knee-length socks and a pair of shoes. There are about 30+ jerseys and shorts.

It also contains Premium Jersey and Shorts. You also get knee-length socks and these are Premium and VIP socks. You can customize the VIP Kits with a live preview.

Furthermore, the VIP Kits contain Gloves, Biceps Bands and Cap for customization. There are also goggles, hand tattoo gloves etc.

Download Football Strike Mod Apk 2022

Downloading the Football Strike Mod Apk 2022 Unlimited Cash and Money is easy from our site. The Mod apk from downloadmodapkhub.com can make you ease because we use the safest and most famous drive Google Drive for it.

Here is the step for how you can download the app without any extra “Generating Download Link” simple Click Download and then Download Anyway. Here is how?

  • Firstly click on the download button provided below.
  • You will jump to the Google Drive download page.
  • Click on Download.
  • Now again click on Download Anyway.

Football Strike Mod Menu 2022

football strike mod menu

Mod Menus are third-party cheat apps that gamers can access by installing certain Apk files on their Phone if the app is for Android.

The Football Strike Mod Menu allows you to get control of the game on your hand. The Mod Menu provides you with the following stuff.

Always Score Goals:

When you will apply this mod menu you can always get a high goal score. Every goal makes score for you. when you download the Football Strike Mod Apk open it and when you will click on Play you will get a Mod Menu option. Open the menu. Enable Always Score Goals. Hide the Menu.

Stupid Player

When you will enable this Mod Menu the opponent player will start stupidity. He will completely reverse action. The person will swipe left and the player will turn right and vice versa different actions.

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