Download Picsart Mod Apk 2022: Get All Premium Features|Ads Free|Gold Pro

If you want to edit photos like a pro and cool then you must download Picsart Mod Apk. Picsart provides you with all kinds of tools that a photo should have.

Picsart is free to use but it is also asking for a subscription for some premium stuffs like filters, stickers, masking and many others.

But if you download the Picsart Mod apk. You don’t need to take any kind of subscription for all tools. You will get all apk completely for free.

In this post, you can know which are the premium features that are completely unlocked under the PicsArt Mod Apk.

About Picsart Mod Apk 2022

If you are new to mod apk world then you have to know about mod apks. Generally, mod apk is a cracked or moded application of the original application that is freely available on the web for mostly Android Devices.

Same the PicsArt Mod Apk is also the moded version of PicsArt on PlayStore. This apk is cracked by developers all over the world to benefit the free user.

PicsArt mod apk has the most download than any other photo editor because of its popularity among many Influencers on YouTube and mostly on Instagram.

There are very few who know how to use it properly, therefore they can easily monetize them on various social media platforms and YouTube.

Therefore you must know all the features of the Picsart. it has features such as removing background from any image to create, all types of grid, crop photos in different shapes, colour filters, adjustments, blur, and many others.

You can see all the features of the apk below.

Features of PicsArt Mod Apk

PicsArt: Let's bring all the features of the computer editor on Handset. 💻 --> 📱

You don’t believe but the PicsArt has a large number of tools with different kinds of functions. Every single tool is unique.

There are more than it

On the Landing Screen of the apk, you will see a plus rounded shape button, from here to start the all tools and their magics.

let click on it and see which tools do what!

When you click on the button you have to choose one of the following options to create your creativity ;

  • Edit a Photos: Here you choose photos, for editing with different tools like effects, adjustments, brushes, lens flames, Retouch, stickers, and many more.
  • Edit a Videos: Though PicsArt mod apk download is mostly famous for photo editing, it has an advanced feature of video editing in which you can add cinematic filters, add your own music, fast/slow or reverse and also can extract in HD.
  • Make a Collages: The features of PicsArt mod apk 2022 allow you to create photo collages with lots of different kinds of grids and frames. There are about ten plus grids and frames in this feature.
  • Backgrounds: Here you can choose hundreds of backgrounds such as transparent, solid color, paterns, vectors and many more creative backgrounds.
  • Apply Effects: You can apply various of features for instance HD, Noise, Film, Glitch, GRNG, Halga2, B&W, Blur, Sketch, Colors, Artistic, Magic, Canvas, Paper and many more in download PicsArt mod apk offline.
  • Retouch: It is for enhancing the face. This feature glorifies your face with different kind of tools such as whitness the face, remove wrinckles, smooth face, eye bag for changing eye color, face fix, relight(new), blamish, skin tone, hair color, details and many more.

PicsArt Different Tools

Here: PicsArt mod apk without watermark

PicsArt mod apk everything unlocked with editing tools has different tools such as;

Crop/Free Crop/Shape Crop crop
  • You can crop your photos in different sizes, square, 3:4, 16:9, 3:2 and crop also for social such as Instagram: square, portrait, story, Facebook: post, cover, Pinterent: post, Twitter: post, header, and YouTube: thumbnail, story etc.
  • You can also Rotate and set Perspective.
  • Using shape crop you can crop your photos in different shape such as square, rectangle, triangle, heart, and many different shapes.


pixabay: dispersion
  • According to Digitalartsonline: The dispersion effect is a great way to add a bit of drama and flare to your images – and once you understand the basics, you can get as creative as you want.(visit it to creative with PicsArt)
  • Using this you can select the area of the image that need to be dispersed. And then you can control the the area ucording your creation.


This can clone any part of your photo. You have to just select that part using the magnifier and then drag it slightly, it will create the clones of chosen parts.


You can remove the selected portion of your image. And you can also control the size of the removing area. You can compare it with the original. It is Gold features of PicsArt mod apk gold pro.


PicsArt mod apk without watermark
  • Using Streth tool an amazing tool you can make awesome stuff. It allows you to perform this following functions.
    • Wrap
    • Swirl CCW
    • Swirl CW
    • Squeeze
    • Inflate


PicsArt mod apk without watermark
  • This is an advanced tool. It is for maintaining shadows, midtones, highlight of image. It is use RGB color combination. There is a line where straight line indicates normal.
  • For master the curves tool in picsart you should take help of videos from youtube or you can visit official blog page of picsart for amazing tutorials and photo editing ideas.

Adjustment Tool

This is also complex but useful. It is a very useful tool. If you already have used the tool and know-how to use it well then the free download PicsArt mod apk allows you to make creative stuff.

You can use the following functions;

  • Brightness
  • Contrast
  • Clarity
  • Saturation
  • hue
  • Highlights
  • Shadows
  • Temp

Effects in PicsArt

PicsArt mod apk everything unlocked

These are the most used features of PicsArt mod apk all unlocked. These features allow the user to make their images easily. Uniquely.

PicsArt has its unique filters that you can never get in any other photo editor. The filters are for instance;

Fetured Filters

It has different features such as;

  • PLRD
  • GNRD
  • Glitch
  • Blur
  • Saturation
  • Colorize

FX Filter

It contains filters such as;

  • HDR
  • Dodger
  • Noise
  • Drama
  • B&W
  • And many different FX filters

Blur Effect

This effects you to get blur in different are of image for instance;

  • Gblur
  • Lenseblur
  • Smart blur
  • Motion blur

Magic Effects

This feature includes many different amazing features. Though it is gold features the PicsArt mod apk without a watermark provides you with all free. You can see these all features below.

PicsArt mod apk everything unlocked

Here are listed all magic features of downloading the PicsArt mod apk full pack.

  • Green ,Raimbow, Moonlight, Pastle
  • Shades of grey, Highlight, Midnight, Nightcore
  • Raimbow pink, Stay Gold, Wispy, Soul
  • Hint of Yellow, Feast, Let it snow,
  • Geode, Sketchy, Flare, Pow
  • Animation, Neo pop, Haze, Rose Quartz
  • Crushed Marbel, Distopia, Rose Gold, Wonderland
  • Winterblues, Money, Plein air

Download PicsArt Different Version 2022

Here are provided with some new and latest versions of PicsArt Mod Apk 2022 that are completely free. And you do not need to jump on extra pages for downloading it and nor wait for generating any links.

We have provided it with G-DRIVE so that you do not wait for downloading the PicsArt Apk.

Just Click. Download. Start Creative.

PicsArt Gold 2022

picsart mod apk gold pro

If you take the gold subscription of PicsArt. You can get Unlimited access to premium tools and content. But you have to costs ₹154.16/mo and ₹1850 billed yearly.

And If you download the PicsArt Gold Mod Apk 2022, you do not need to pay a single penny amount of rupees to access unlimited premium tools and content.

The PicsArt Gold Apk 2022 provides with following benefits.

  • Premium editing tools fully unlocked
  • 20+ million premium stock images, photos, videos, and graphics
  • Create your brand’s visual identity with logos, colors, and fonts
  • Save photos and videos in high-resolution
  • Remove watermarks from photos and videos
  • Cross-platform access on both the mobile app and the web
  • Ads Free

Therefore it has been named as PicsArt mod apk gold pro too.

Apk NamePicsArt Gold 2022
Android Versionv5.0 and more
Downloads1,10,10,813 total
Developed ByPicsArt Inc.

PicsArt for PC

If you are searching for PicsArt Mod Apk for PC or PicsArt Mod Apk for Windows 10 then I am sorry. Because the PicsArt is now online. There is no PicsArt software or application for PC.

Alternatively, you can download it free from Microsoft Store. But that will be also an old version of it.

We suggest you visit It has all features that you get on your mobile. Further, it has thousands of templates for various platforms.

Here, you get more features than mobile. You can upload your photos. You get live previews.


  • You do not need to install it on your device.
  • Saves your RAM and Storage.
  • All projects are available on the internet.
  • You can work on projects from anywhere and anytime.

PicsArt Mod Apk 2022

PicsArt mod apk download 2022 is a highly searched mod apk of PicsArt. Because it has a similar keyword to it.

What we have provided is completely free with all premium features and you do not need to go for extra stuff.

We are providing the PicsArt mod apk everything unlocked and all the bug has been fixed with it. The PicsArt mod apk without watermark has all gold features such as;

  • Remove Watermarks
  • Export Fast
  • Save Projects
  • Download all contents
  • All Magic Filters unlocked
  • Share directly to social
  • Unlocked Video Editor

Note: It is required more than 2GB RAM and Android Version 4.0 and more.

How to install PicsArt Mod Apk 2022

If you successfully downloaded the PicsArt Mod Apk or PicsArt Gold and any other version all have the same installation process.

When you download the PicsArt 2022 from the given links below you need to install them on your device.

Before installing Kinemaster Apks on your Android Device make sure you have enabled ‘Unknown Source’.

Unknown Sources‘ is an Android Accessibility Setting that allows the phone to trust and forcibly install applications from outside of the Google Play store.


Follow the steps:

  • Step1: Firstly, go on Settings of your phone and then search security or scroll down to find it.
  • Step2: Now click on Security and then find Unknow Sources option.
get 100% working picsart mod apk
  • Step3: And then click on Unknown sources and then enable the asked toggle.
install picsart mod apk fully unlocked
  • Step4: Again open Filemanger in your phone and from APKs click on the downloaded apk file(PicsArtxxx.apk)
install picsart mod apk 2022
  • Finally, click on INSTALL and wait for a while till it is installed successfully on your phone.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQ)

Is PicsArt Mod Apk free?

Yes, It is completely free with fully unlocked features.

Is PicsArt gold pro available?

Yes, picsart mod apk gold pro is available on our website for free.

Is PicsArt Apk safe to install?

Yes, it is safe. Generally, the working of mod apks depends upon the mobile compatibility and its chipsets.

Can PicsArt remove the background from the image?

Yes, you can properly remove backgrounds from it easily. It is provided advanced tools for removing backgrounds precisely.


In the conclusion, we have provided an immense amount of information regarding it. Though we provide only a 100% working and fully unlocked version of PicsArt Mod Apk 2022.

Do visit our website for more mod apks of various applications that you want to use for free. You can request us below in the comment for your mod apk.

Thank You.

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